Monster Food Truck Rally
Where Bad Ideas Go to Die


I love the way the invisible hand of the marketplace works.  At the Santa Ana Courthouse, just when I thought there wouldn’t be any way possible to order a Vietnamese Slider, one suddenly appeared on a truck, prepared in the street while I waited, and conveyed in the most extraordinarily inefficient way — by a gasoline powered vehicle at a time when gasoline, I’ve been told, is becoming a semi-precious commodity.  This is what freedom is all about — the spectacle of supply, demand and taste.

Let others quarrel about street food licenses, health permits and the accuracy of the word “gourmet” in gourmet food truck, I’ve looked into the glaring headlights of free range capitalism and they’re blinding.  If I’m desperate enough to buy it, the market will supply it.  Forget about how my desires effect and reflect on the real world.  As long as I have a Vietnamese slider, life (in the economy) is good.  The future rolls out from there.

And so, you may ask, what will become of food trucks — in that future — when you and I learn how to take care of ourselves:  For example, make food that doesn’t require an extra order of fossil fuel on the side?   My guess is that those spanky painted, char-broiler, griddle, two-basket deep fryer, chuckwagons will go to the graveyard of Sports Utility Elephants.  But in the transition, they’ll be plenty of time to feel guilty about our sins of fuel consumption on the Monster Food Truck Circuit.

Sunday.  Sunday.  Sunday.  It’s going to get crazy as the Big Gut Monster Food Truck Rally smashes into Irvine Fairgrounds for its third event of 2016.  The fans in the stands are already getting AMPed for some truly awesome finishes. Who will claim the 2016 Fat Boy Food Freestyle and Rally Championship?  Find out when The Burnt Truck and Atomic Hog go head to head.  It’s a crinkle cut fries Bamwich thunder slam.

In the organic freestyle faceoff, prepare to get annihilated and violated with The Gastrobus vs Coolhaus.  Even the wrappers are edible.  Your organic handmade ice cream sandwich may face a tuna melt down, but it’ll soak up a hunk of the carbon monoxide getting fried in petroleum.

The Big Gut Monster Food Truck Rally featuring all your favorite freestyle trucks —Demon Seed, Rancho a Go Go, Bacon Mania, Dutch Oven, Dogzilla — dosing out donuts, wheelstands, jumps, Yaki-soba noodles, roasted seaweed strips and Pennzoil drips.

Feed your need for gourmet fat and the Keystone pipeline with a way below 10 miles per chuggin’ gallon of sweet liquid gasoline.  And don’t forget, the first 100 at the gate will receive a can of San Pellegrino Mineral water freeee!

The 2016 Big Gut Food Truck Rally brought to you by Bass Pro Shops and Urban Outfitters.   It’s all about your fuel and your sense of taste.  Be there.

— Nathan Callahan

First Broadcast February 3, 2012

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